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Fixed or removable dental appliance that helps the growth of the jaws

Dentofacial orthopaedics in Geneva

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The orthodontist Swiss Army knife, the PUL is a device that can be removed and that aims to correct the shift of the mandible, it is the ideal activator for children in growth.
It is a device that allows multiple actions at the same time, which is discreet and aesthetic. The treatment with PUL is painless and less invasive than some other solutions. The PUL must be worn 22 hours a day (that is, remove it during a sports activity or to eat).
The adaptation is fast even if it is normal that it hinders the first days to talk and swallow his saliva, but we quickly get used!
In certain cases, it is also normal that it does not hold well on the teeth and that it is unhooked at the opening of the mouth: it is its effect lingual re-education and functional harmonization.
In some laboratories, the PUL can even be personalized! Embellish your PUL with color or glitter!

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