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Total and partial resin prostheses, with metal frame, Snap On

Removable dental prosthesis in Geneva

A removable prosthesis, commonly called "denture", is a prosthesis that can be removed. It usually replaces several teeth. It relies in part on the remaining teeth, partly on the gum and the underlying bone.

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It is an alternative to partial dentures made of high aesthetic resin advantages:

  • More aesthetic because it does not have metal hooks

  • May be one-sided and not going to cover the palate

  • Lightness: nylon is lighter than acrylic resin

  • Flexible: nylon is flexible

  • Biocompatible: nylon does not cause any allergies because it does not contain any monomers

  • Hygienic: resists moisture and plaque formation

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Snap on smile Genève

The SOS (Snap-On Smile) is a patented system that offers you an easy and painless alternative to get a perfect smile.
After 8 years of research and development, your dentist can now offer you the "SOS", a tailor-made resin device, very resistant and with a perfectly natural appearance. Snap-On Smile snaps on your existing teeth.

SOS is very easy to maintain, and may be a temporary or long-term solution, available for upper or lower teeth.
An SOS only requires two appointments with your dentist.

Without pain, without anesthesia and without altering the structure of your teeth!

The SOS is an excellent choice for:

  • Misaligned teeth, stained or stained, missing teeth

  • Patients not being candidates for bridges or implants

  • Patients who want a white, aligned smile without the expense of expensive and complicated and invasive dental procedures

  • Anyone with an old removable device and wanting to have a more comfortable alternative

It's easy, it's painless!

  • Choose the shape & hue of your new smile

  • Your dentist takes the impression of your teeth

  • Come back after 4 weeks for the final test & take your SOS with you!

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Prothèse amovible: Our Services
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